We can all agree that all businesses are now technology-centric. Being an expert at managing your core business and being an expert at the technology to conduct your business simultaneously is impossible. In addition, the in-house IT Generalist has become a relic because of the rapid advancements in technology. Our need for and reliance upon a multitude of technologies would require a team of skilled experts to ensure the maximum security and efficiency of the systems that we rely upon daily. Most businesses cannot and should not incur the expense of hiring such a team.

Your job is to manage your business with your focus on the bottom line and grow your business. When you choose Orbis One for Managed IT services, our focus is on every aspect of your technology to ensure constant operational readiness to allow you to achieve your business goals. Our Managed Services Platform combines the best of both worlds, providing you with a single point of contact, a virtual CIO, backed by an entire network of certified professionals in enterprise technologies allowing us to keep your costs down.

Orbis One is a globally-recognized Managed Services Provider delivering best-in-class IT services to clients ranging from Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB) to Large Enterprises, with our 24/7 Help Desk being just the first touchpoint. We view ourselves as a partner to our clients and an extension of their business. With a full range of managed services, let us customize a managed service plan specific to your business needs.

Services Available in Managed Service Plans:
• 24/7 Support, Virtual CIO
• Network Infrastructure Management
• Server and Application Management
• Disaster Recovery as a Service (DaaS)
• Microsoft 365 License Reseller
• Network Compliance Audits
• Firewall Security Management
• Workstation Management and Endpoint Security


Managing an internal IT Department while keeping costs down has proven to be a difficult task with the need for insight and guidance of the constant changes within the technology landscape.  Our vCIO service allows you to leverage the expertise and experience of our Executives and develop a strategy – ensuring operation efficiency of your IT Department.

Just like an Enterprise CIO, our vCIOs can provide guidance with budgets, architecture, staffing and strategy.  Our experts can provide you with the guidance you need at an Executive-level as needed, without increasing payroll or headcount.


Customized technology solutions tailored to your business needs.

Achieving modernization, efficiency and productivity is a common goal of businesses in world where on-demand services are key.  Orbis One has the expertise with engineers highly-specialized in today’s leading technologies.  Our team is proficient in both on-premise and cloud solutions including Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Azure, Cisco Unified Communications, and VMware.  We will guide you through outlining your needs, mapping out the implementation, and executing a successful deployment that will allow you to leverage these solutions successfully.
• Networking – Switching, Routing,
• Data Center – Servers, Networking
• Collaboration – Voice (VoIP), Video
• Security – Firewall, Email, Web
• Office 365
• Azure
• Skype for Business / Lync
• vCenter / vSphere
• vCloud


In the fast-paced Automotive Industry, dealers and auto groups require specialized support and solutions.  Orbis One offers decades of experience servicing some of the nations most recognized brands and dealers in highly-competitive markets.  Our team is well-versed in ADP / CDK services including CDK Drive DMS and CRM, as well as migrating from Reynolds / UCS.  With our comprehensive understanding of dealer technology, we can work with your Accounting team to reduce operational costs and increase growth to the bottom line.
Brands Supported:
• Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz Ferrari Maserati McLaren Porsche Infiniti
Specializing In:
• CDK (ADP), UCS (Reynolds), Time Highway, MPI Edge, ADP Payroll, CDK / ADP Network Phone, Keytrack and Keyvault, Dealertrack


At Orbis One we customize technology to create cloud-based solutions tailored to your business needs. Achieving modernization, efficiency and productivity is a common goal of businesses in a world where on-demand services are key. We have the expertise of engineers highly-specialized in today’s leading technologies that are proficient in both on-premise and cloud solutions.

With the Orbis One managed cloud services, you can expect the following:
Total alignment of your business objectives with the perfect cloud services to boost your efficiency and productivity.
Complete 24/7 management your cloud services are continuously monitored and scanned.
Centralized cloud services and applications making them accessible from anywhere and highly secure to protect your data.

You and your team can work without the limits of your office with the knowledge that we have advanced cybersecurity that allows you to work worry-free from your home, the office, or even the beach! With real cloud file sharing, video conferencing, and even chat options, collaboration has never been easier or more efficient.

Cloud Solutions provided include:
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Azure
Cisco Unified Communications


Confused by telecommunications? Frustrated by your current phone system? Between the current and future communications demands of your business and the advancement and ever-changing phone system features, determining if you have the best system can be daunting. Orbis One works with you to create the best system and phone solutions for your business. Whether you want to control your own in-house system or be free of the responsibilities associated with that system, we will guide you to the right decision for your short and long-term goals.

We save you time, frustration, and money by partnering with leading experts in the telecommunications industry. We eliminate the overwhelm to create the perfect system and solutions for your business by:

  • Assessing the readiness of your network to perform.
  • Monitoring the quality and security of your calls.
  • Finding any potential problems and assisting in solving the issues.
  • Determining the current and future needs of implementation and/or upgrades while using the latest VoIP technology.

VoIP phone system features can include any or all of the following:

  • Cloud
  • Voice
  • Cable
  • MPLS/Fibe
  • Hosted voice/SIP
  • Conferencing
  • Mobility/Wireless
  • Virtual Call Center

VoIP Phone Solutions

Staying current with today’s IT infrastructure requires a multitude of challenging and sometimes repetitive, thankless tasks. There is a constant need to resolve user and system issues while simultaneously providing routine maintenance, performing backups, end ensuring the security of your data.

This juggling act can be overwhelming for even the most experienced in-house IT team. When you choose co-managed IT services with Orbis One we create a partnership between your internal IT department and our experts. Our goal is to simplify your IT systems allowing your internal team to focus on the bigger aspects of your IT systems.

Orbis One Co-managed IT service can include any or all of the following::

  • Desktop and server management
  • Help desk software
  • Automation of repetitive maintenance
  • Manage internal projects
  • Keep computers full patched
  • Resolve issues quickly by routing them to appropriate resources
  • Minimize downtime.

Co-Managed IT

As a Microsoft 365 partner, Orbis One takes the mystery out of Microsoft 365 products. Microsoft 365 Business is a cloud-based service that provides the best tools for the way that people work in today’s modern world.

When you choose Orbis One and Microsoft 365 we:

  • Determine which Microsoft 365 products are best for your business
  • Installation of the Microsoft products that will enhance your productivity
  • Provide training on the proper use after installation
  • Continue support and maintenance of your 365 products for you

Once in place and your team fully trained, Microsoft 365:

  • Provides an integrated workflow eliminating the need for excessive paperwork
  • Creates a more connected workforce increasing productivity and collaboration
  • Protects your data as well as employee and customer information
  • Transforms how you manage your business
  • Enhances customer service and customer relationships

Microsoft 365

Cybersecurity tops the list of priorities for businesses in today’s world of globally shared technology and interconnected infrastructure. Orbis One has the experience required to protect your data and limit exposure to security risks while allowing you to conduct business efficiently on the web.

As businesses more commonly employ BYOD policies allowing employees, the need for separating and protecting corporate data while maintaining productivity is at an all-time high. An employee can unintentionally fall victim to ransomware, malware, or phishing attacks and compromise your business. We can provide the solutions to deter these types of attacks and protect your finances, data, and intellectual property.

Let our specialists employ a full array of security services, proactive monitoring, and quarterly security audits to ensure that you can operate your business with the confidence that your data and business operations are well-protected.

Our Cybersecurity Services Include:

End to End Security – Specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, we secure your total business environment from workstations to cloud services.

Firewall Management Service – We implement a network firewall using best practice security policies, providing you with a solid first line of defense that continuously protects your business.

Network Security – To prevent malicious hacking attacks and spamming, we will help keep your data safe across your entire network.

Email Security – Our email solutions and policies protect confidential and proprietary communications to safeguard your business.

Web Security – We will keep you safe from intrusion and threats that can come from the necessary use of the internet with our web security solutions.

Loss Prevention – Keep your data from being leaked, lost, or stolen with our data loss prevention solutions.

Disaster Recovery – Should a disaster strike, we make sure we have a recovery plan in place to minimize your downtime and have your back in business as quickly as possible.

Compliance Assessments – Our Compliance Assessment services will ensure that your business meets all security and confidentiality regulations.


We’ve spent years designing, implementing, and maintaining Home Automation systems and other technologies for VIP clients worldwide. We can create a truly seamless network with intuitive interfaces that can control various technologies simultaneously within your home. You can count on Orbis One for the incredible convenience and security of a connected home. Vendors utilized include but are not limited to:
  • Crestron
  • Lutron
  • Savant
  • Control 4
  • Apple




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